Rules and Regulation


Rules and regulations for the meditation retreat at Wat Bhaddanta Asabharam

  • Not being of unsound mind. Having ability to control oneself and to strictly observe all the rules and regulations of the meditation center; register at the administration;
  • Read and make one understands the rules and regulations in order to observe them properly;
  • Prepare oneself for making meditation request as informed by the staff;
  • All monks have to observe before the retreat, the layman takes the Eight Precepts before talking the retreat;
  • Listen attentively to the meditation master and do precisely what the master advises;
  • Use only the meditation methods guided by the master of Wat Bhaddanta Asabharam . Do not use other methods not taught by the master of this center;
  • Refrain one’s eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind during staying at this center;
  • No reading, writing, talking, listening to the radio/music/cassette tape player, or watching television, except when allowed;
  • Not bringing any valuable personal belonging, the responsibility of any loss and damage is one’s own;
  • No gambling, lottery and fortune telling, or performing black magic;
  • No consuming any kinds of illegal addictive substances;
  • Having interview only with the master, no consulting with any fellow meditators;
  • No leaving the compound of the Meditation Center during the retreat; if needed, one should ask the permission from the master and inform the administration;
  • Please keep room or residence and place for practice clean and tidy;
  • Those who want the stay longer than 15 days have to make a special request to the master, for those who are granted the permission, they have to inform the administration every 120 days;
  • At the end of the retreat, please return room keys to the administration and inform about leaving the center.


Note : All rules and regulations must be observed strictly. In case of not being able to follow it, individual judgment will be made.